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Quality packaging plays an important role in attracting customers to the product. For this reason, many customers from Moscow and the regions cooperate with VALMAPAK, LLC – an experienced manufacturer of plastic ampoules, tubes and strip monodoses. Our company has been manufacturing plastic packages for more than 10 years and guarantees the high quality of the products presented. Moreover, we provide additional services: packaging of liquid and gelatinous products of a customer and labeling.

Features of our products for packaging

Our company produces follow types of plastic package:

  • Disposable package: plastic ampoules from a multilayer polymer film.
  • PVC-PE (polyvinyl chloride-polyethylene) is used for packaging liquids that do not require special storage conditions.
  • PVC-EVOH-PE (polyvinyl chloride-vinyl ethylene glycol-polyethylene) is the optimal variant for pouring aggressive liquids or liquids sensitive to the environment.
  • Reusable package: an innovative strip monodose ampoule with a built-in cap made of PP, LDPE or HDPE. This is a popular package in the USA and Western Europe for controlled dosing, which quickly conquers the Russian market.

Products suitable for our package

We have rich experience and the necessary equipment for packaging practically any liquid and gelatinous products including the following:

  • veterinary preparations for external use (for example, antiparasitic drugs for dogs, cats and bees);
  • non-medical cosmetics for external use (products for face, body, hair, etc.);
  • bait for fish (flavored preparations, etc.);
  • parapharmaceutics (professional products for skin and hair care);
  • intimate cosmetics (various creams, lubricants, gels, massage oils, etc.);
  • automobile cosmetics (concentrate for glass, etc.);
  • plant protection products (Karate, Aktellik, Muracid, Phytoverm, Uragan Forte and other fluids which do not contain solvents: toluene, benzene and xylene).
  • Product packaging services provided by VALMAPAK, LLC: quickly and reasonably priced

    Do you need fast packaging of gel, cream or other products? Rely it on genuine professionals – specialists of VALMAPAK, LLC who underwent training in Italy. All works are carried out on modern Italian equipment (on the occupied area of 3,000 m2), which guarantees high quality of ampoules and packaging. Our own production makes our prices for packaging services one of the best in Moscow and regions, and good equipment ensures fast execution of orders.

    Are you interested in our services? Please contact the company’s managers by phone 8 (495) 215-06-10

All services

Our advantages
  • Convenience and ease
    of use
  • Wide range
    of applications
  • Originality and variety of designer solutions
  • Convenience for transportation
  • Dosage control option
  • Quality-to-price ratio
  • Hygienic use
  • The ability to use at the right time (at home, in the country, on a trip, etc.)
  • This type of package is suitable for processing after use
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