Packaging household chemicals

The range of services offered by VALMAPAK includes the manufacturing and packaging various cosmetic and household products. Our company offers packaging household chemicals as well.

The advantages of cooperation with us are as follows:

  • an individual approach to each customer;
  • prompt processing of orders;
  • a wide range of varieties of products;
  • the product design development;
  • the guarantee for the goods provided;
  • affordable prices.

Variety of packages of household chemicals

The modern market of household chemicals is filled with a wide range of goods packaged in completely different materials and capacities.

Among them, the following are available for consumers:

  • bottles of different volume;
  • tubes;
  • ampoules;
  • monodoses.

Often, situations occur in which the use of large capacity is not appropriate. The presentation of a product, on which it is necessary to distribute free samples of products, is such an example. During travels and journeys, it is also much more comfortable for consumers to use chemical products packaged in small tubes or probes. It is these solutions that VALMAPAK offers by carrying out the pouring of liquid and gelatinous household chemicals into soft polymeric ampoules, monodoses and tubes.

At the request of customers, domestic chemicals can be packaged in containers with volumes ranging from 1 to 100 ml. Such a package can be either translucent or in any other color, while adding with labels, trade marks and pad printing. The original design gives the product recognition and protects against counterfeit.

How to order packaging household chemicals?

If you need high-quality and inexpensive package of household chemicals in ampoules, tubes or monodoses, you can safely approach VALMAPAK. We offer favorable conditions, promotions and discounts for cooperation to our regular customers. To make an order, fill out a special form on the site or call at the specified phone number. In addition, you can write us a message at the e-mail address

All decisions

Our advantages
  • Convenience and ease
    of use
  • Wide range
    of applications
  • Originality and variety of designer solutions
  • Convenience for transportation
  • Dosage control option
  • Quality-to-price ratio
  • Hygienic use
  • The ability to use at the right time (at home, in the country, on a trip, etc.)
  • This type of package is suitable for processing after use
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