Pouring in tubes

VALMAPAK carries out pouring of cosmetic products in tubes varying by volume and diameter. Products are made of plastic and laminate using modern technologies. We also offer services for applying labels and pad printing to give the package a marketable appearance. It is possible to manufacture products of various shapes, configurations and volumes of 1 ml to 50 ml. The company’s designers can prepare drawings according to a customer’s sketches.

The plastic tube has been already considered to be a classic package, it is convenient and functional. At the same time, today it can look spectacular and innovative. This is the most popular and practical package for cosmetics, pharmaceutical and hygienic products. Its volume, as a rule, coincides with the volume of the goods.

Plastic extruding tubes have many features as follows:

  • They open wide opportunities for interesting design of the package;
  • They can be manufactured using seamless technology, as against laminated ones;
  • Due to the elasticity of the material, the products are not deformed during use (after extruding the contents, the tube takes an original appearance by inhausting air; however, this flexibility does not always positively affect the product, as bacteria can enter inside with the air);
  • Barrier properties of the package are low, since oxygen and water vapors can penetrate through the plastic, so it is not used for pharmaceuticals.

The main advantage of laminate tubes is their high barrier properties, which are close to those of aluminum. Such package is used where plastic one cannot be applied. These are pharmaceuticals, hygienic products, food and household chemicals. At the same time, the cost of laminate tubes is low. The package is suitable for cosmetics of any composition and price positioning.

With the help of tubes, it is possible to combine various cosmetic preparations into a single line or a set, for example:

  • shampoo, hair balsam and conditioner;
  • shower gel, body cream and milk;
  • face cream, emulsion and milk;
  • a set for men containing shower gel, aftershave gel and shaving lotion;
  • a set for infants containing cream, milk and bathing foam.

We specialize in the manufacture of both disposable and reusable products. We also represent a fundamentally new product on the market – plastic tubes STRIP MONODOSE. These are special reusable ampoules that allow easily adjusting the dosage and provide a safe opening. Such product is very popular in the USA and Western Europe..

All our production

Our advantages
  • Convenience and ease
    of use
  • Wide range
    of applications
  • Originality and variety of designer solutions
  • Convenience for transportation
  • Dosage control option
  • Quality-to-price ratio
  • Hygienic use
  • The ability to use at the right time (at home, in the country, on a trip, etc.)
  • This type of package is suitable for processing after use
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