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Plastic packaging from the manufacturer

Welcome to our website. VALMAPAK is a Russian-Italian enterprise engaged in manufacturing disposable and reusable plastic package. We started the production in the Moscow Region more than 10 years ago (in 2006) and almost immediately took the leading positions in our field.

At present time, disposable and reusable plastic package of our company enjoys strong demand among customers from Moscow, the Moscow Region and other regions of Russia. We cooperate closely with manufacturers of liquid, oil and gelatinous products which are used in the following fields:

  • cosmetics and parapharmaceuticals;
  • veterinary drugs for external use;
  • automobile cosmetics and household chemicals;
  • plant protection products;
  • intimate cosmetics, and others.

Production of plastic packaging

Plastic package custom manufacturing and other services

Our company specializes in the manufacture of disposable and reusable plastic package with a useful volume of 0.5 to 50 ml. We sell plastic ampoules and tubes of various shapes, configurations and colors. Our products are made of modern polymer films: PVC-PE, PVC-EVOH-PE and others.

The strip monodose, an individual unit package, which is a fundamentally new product for the domestic market, is in strong demand now. It is a plastic tube with a hermetically sealed cap and it is excellent for reusable application.

In addition to custom manufacture of products, we provide the following services:

  • packaging a customer’s goods into tubes, ampoules and monodoses;
  • product labeling;
  • a text, a trade mark or other advertising image printing (pad printing);
  • developing the customized plastic unit package, etc.

Why is it worth ordering the manufacture of package in VALMAPAK, LLC?

  • State-of-the-art technology: the production is carried out on the latest Italian equipment, and our company’s specialists undertake a regular internship in Italy.
  • Prompt execution of orders: our workshops occupy an area of more than 3,000 m2 that guarantees high productivity of the enterprise.
  • Fulfillment of small-scale wholesale orders: modern equipment makes the production of small lots of goods even more efficient.
  • Quality guarantee: the plastic package is made from high-quality raw materials with observance of all sanitary and epidemiological standards. This is evidenced by the certificates and other documents presented on our website. 

Are you interested in modern plastic package? You can directly contact the manufacturer – VALMAPAK, LLC – by phone: 8 (495) 558-62-48.

Our advantages
  • Convenience and ease
    of use
  • Wide range
    of applications
  • Originality and variety of designer solutions
  • Convenience for transportation
  • Dosage control option
  • Quality-to-price ratio
  • Hygienic use
  • The ability to use at the right time (at home, in the country, on a trip, etc.)
  • This type of package is suitable for processing after use
Diplomas and certificates
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